Data Market Austria

This lighthouse project "Data Market Austria" establishes a data services ecosystem in Austria by creating a significantly improved technology base for secure data markets and cloud interoperability and by establishing a data innovation environment.

A flourishing data market and a functioning data services ecosystem for Austria are decisive factors for employment and growth as well as for sustainable social stability and prosperity.

The availability of data as well as its effective and targeted use and exploitation are core elements for success and competitive advantage in many industrial sectors, value chains and organisational processes and thus a decisive factor for production, alongside labour and capital.

However, the interconnectivity of already established data infrastructures is largely non-existent, so that the usability of existing data is often low and efficient data use is only possible at great expense and high associated costs due to a lack of interoperability. Data Market Austria is committed to changing this situation.

An example of key innovation in this project is the model data license and the development of procedures for technical implementation using block chains. Against the background of typified standard situations, the model data license should offer a variety of possibilities for individualization, which favors a fine-granular regulation of access to data.

In this context, a series of Idea Incubator projects (Sondierungsprojekten), targeted primarily at Startups and SMEs, but without excluding Large Enterprises with innovative ideas, contributes substantially to the promotion and demonstration of the use of the ecosystem through corresponding success stories.

Furthermore, all companies and organization interested in the development of data intelligence in Austria and beyond are welcomed to participate in the Data Intelligence Offensive, Austria's central platform for the promotion of data management and data science.