Benefit and AAL

With the program ‚ICT of the Future‘ and within its program line ‚benefit and AAL‘ the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology funds mission-sorientated and cooperative research and development in the area of information and communication technology (ICT). The Active and Assisted Living, former Ambient Assisted Living, (AAL) Program joint the forces on the European level.

By use of ICT innovative services shall meet societal challenges in national and international context.


Based on the demographic chage the quality of life of older persons shall be improved by supporting them living self-determined at home as long as possible. Proto-typed solutions developed with the users and being evaluated by them combine social with personal needs. 

The focus is on the following eight areas of life:

  • Health and Cure
  • Housing and Buildings
  • Leisure and Culture
  • Vitaliy and Ability
  • Mobility and Transport
  • Labour and Education
  • Safety and Security
  • Information and Communication

The involved SMEs can test different business models and gain access the market.