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Austrian Research, Development & Innovation Roadmap for Automated Vehicles

The present “Austrian RDI Roadmap for Automated Vehicles” is a technology roadmap driven by Austrian industry with support from the Austrian research community, and reflects the view of the main Austrian players in ICT and mobility
Jodef Affenzeller, Andreas Eckel, Johannes Liebermann, Martin Russ, Johann Massoner, Michael Paulitsch, Peter Tummeltshammer, Michael Paulweber, Wer Rom, Erwin Schoitsch, Daniel Watzenig, Mark-Michael Weltzl, Reinhard Pfliegl
Publisher: BMVIT
English, 51 Seiten

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Potential of Robotics for Ambient Assited Living

The potenziAAL study undertakes an analysis of robotics in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) with the aim of assessing the potential of robotic technologies for assisting older users and their carers.
Franz Werner, Katharina Werner, Sabine Payr
Publisher: Austrian Research Institute for Artifical Intelligence Research Group for Assisted Living Technologies
English, 103 Seiten

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To dominate complex ICT Solutions

ICT systems can be found not only in everyday life in mobile phones, entertainment equipment or in the office, they increasingly control our infrastructure, support the drivers of motor vehicles, monitor energy networks and control aircraft.
Dr. Wolfgang Pree, DI Christian Wögerer, Erich Prem, Sascha Ruhland
Publisher: BMVIT
German, 66 Seiten

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benefit/AAL - Opportunity through Demographic Change - Project Examples

This project report provides fascinating insights into funded projects in the fields of healthcare, living, leisure, mobility, work, safety, vitality and communication.

Publisher: BMVIT
English, 55 Seiten

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BEST AT Roadmap

Digital information, information systems, and related applications now influence privacy, society, and the economy more than ever before. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are found in smart homes, automotive engineering, cities of the future, industrial production lines, and agriculture.
Walter Hötzendorfer, Mario Meir Huber, Rupert Lemmel-Seedorf, Romana Riegler, Erich Schweighofer, Simon Tjoa, Christof Tschohl
Publisher: BMVIT
German, 185 Seiten

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Conquering data in austria technology roadmap

A comprehensive roadmap study on Intelligent Data Analytics technologies is provided.
Dr. Helmut berger, Dr. michael Dittenbach, Dr. Marita Haas, Dr. Ralf Bierig, Dr. Allan Hanbury, Dr. Mihai Lupu, Dr. Florina Piroi
Publisher: BMVIT

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