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2PCS - Personal Protection & Caring System

The 2PCS project developed an alerting and locating system designed for professional caregivers for indoor and outdoor use, addressing the safety and independence of persons in care.

3D-EarScan – Vision based 3D scanning and reconstruction of the human ear canal

Contactless Ear Canal Measurement. Measuring the ear canal is the first step in all audiological applications. A new, non-contact, optical 3D measuring system is set to revolutionise this process.

AALuis - Ambient Assisted Living user interfaces

In the European Active and Assisted Living (AAL)-project AALuis applications and user interfaces can be flexibly combined and adapted to the needs of end users.

ADEQUATe – Analytics & Data Enrichment to improve the Quality of Open Data

Improved Data create Added Value. Innovative approaches for increasing the quality of open data.

ActiveAdvice - Decision Support for Independent Living

The project ActiveAdvice develops an advice and decision support network across Europe using an intelligent Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)-Product & Service Cloud.

AttentiveMachines – Man and Machines in ICT based Production Systems of the Future

Sensitive Machines cooperate with Plant Personnel. Attention-aware Machines adapt to the human’s performance and constitute the production systems of the future.

BRELOMATE 2 - Fighting Loneliness with TV and Tablet

The BRELOMATE 2 project develops a gaming and communication platform for elderly people into a marketable product. Games and video telephony can be used via TV or tablet.

Best at roadmap

Digital information, information systems, and related applications now influence privacy, society, and the economy more than ever before. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are found in smart homes, automotive engineering, cities of the future, industrial production lines, and agriculture.

Big Data in Austria

The amount of available data in different domains and companies has been increasing steadily. Recent studies expect a yearly revenue growth of 33.5%. The Austrian market volume of EUR 22 million in 2013 is predicted to reach EUR 73 million in 2017. Due to this enormous growth of available data new challenges emerge in efficiently creating value.

CI4Clouds – Computationalö Intelligence for Cloud Masking

From Cloudy to Bright. Innovative artificial intelligence automatically detects clouds in satellite images.

CONFIDENCE - Mobility Assistance System for People with Dementia

In close collaboration with research and care institutions, the project has developed and tested a mobility assistance service for people with dementia. It combines personal assistance with state-of-the-art technology and helps those living with dementia to remain mobile and active for longer.

DALIA - Virtual Assistance for More Safety

The project developed a platform which offers older persons, informal caregivers and care service providers a modular system including a virtual personal assistant.

DayGuide - Intelligent Guidance in Everyday Life

The project develops a social platform which facilitates everyday life for people with cognitive impairments. The platform is tested in a clinical study.

Dermtrainer – A novel decision support system for training and diagnosis in dermatology

Sharpening Diagnostic Skills. In many areas of the world dermatologists are not the primary medical contact for patients with skin diseases. A medical decision support system can assist non-specialized physicians in diagnosing dermatologic conditions and can serve as a training platform.

Dominate complex ict solutions

ICT systems can be found not only in everyday life in mobile phones, entertainment equipment or in the office, they increasingly control our infrastructure, support the drivers of motor vehicles, monitor energy networks and control aircraft. The increasing complexity of these systems creates technical and fundamental problems for ICT that have direct economic and social impacts.

Drink Smart - A Smart Way to Address Dehydration

The Drink Smart project develops an intelligent drinking system to prevent dehydration. Drink Smart allows elderly people to continue to live at home and supports caregivers.

EyeControl - Innovative Eye Gaze Research

The cooperative research project EyeControl explores eye gaze as a means of interaction between humans and complex industrial plants. The objective is to control machines by eye gaze.

FEARLESS - Fearless through Everyday Life

The European AAL project FEARLESS developed 3-D visual computing algorithms which automatically detect falls and enable ageing without fear.

FeatureOpt - Taming and optimizing Feature Interaction in Software-intensive Automotive Systems

Smart Software improves our Cars. The TU Wien researches feature interaction in state-of-the-art automotive systems. For less CO² emissions and more safety.

GraphSense – Realtime Anomaly Detection in Virtual and Non-Virtual Currency Networks

Insight into Digital Currencies. Virtual currency systems such as Bitcoin are becoming increasingly popular. Austrian researchers are working on algorithmic solutions that should help to understand and detect anomalies in such systems.

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