Over recent years, information and communication technology (ICT) has had a huge impact and brought many changes to all our lives and there is currently no indication that further changes to come in the future will be any slower or less disruptive.

ICT permeates just about all areas of everyday life, be it work, leisure time or our interaction with the world around us.

Having started out as a niche discipline, ICT has become a fundamental and integral part of our lives and is now essential in linking the most diverse fields of science and business. This leads to the emergence of new application areas and disciplines at the relevant interfaces such as, for example, links between products or energy supply and informatics (Industry 4.0, smart grids), demographic challenges and informatics (AAL), automotive engineering and informatics (autonomous driving) or medicine, biology and informatics (bioinformatics) to name but a few examples.

Indeed, it is the increasing links between information (usually in the form of data) and communication in particular that are creating new challenges, opportunities and areas of application.

Effective applied research funding monitors and influences such developments and thus provides Austria's enterprises and research institutions with targeted support in their ICT research efforts.

The funding initiative "ICT of the Future" was launched by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) in 2012 and offers a range of different programmes:

  • The national funding programme "ICT of the Future", positioned as newly refocused successor to the "FIT-IT" funding programme, aims to give due consideration to the changing demands to be met by ICT research.
  • The EU co-funded programmes "ARTEMIS" and "ENIAC", which were merged into the ECSEL initiative in 2014.
  • The transnational funding programme "AAL" and the national funding programme "benefit", which both focus on ways in which ICT can contribute to improving quality of life (particularly for older people).

ICT of the Future Programmelines

  • ICT of the Future
  • Ambient Assited Living and benefit