Austrian Research, Development & Innovation Roadmap for Automated Vehicles

The present “Austrian RDI Roadmap for Automated Vehicles” is a technology roadmap driven by Austrian industry with support from the Austrian research community, and reflects the view of the main Austrian players in ICT and mobility

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Jodef Affenzeller, Andreas Eckel, Johannes Liebermann, Martin Russ, Johann Massoner, Michael Paulitsch, Peter Tummeltshammer, Michael Paulweber, Wer Rom, Erwin Schoitsch, Daniel Watzenig, Mark-Michael Weltzl, Reinhard Pfliegl
Publisher: BMVIT
English, 51 pages

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The automotive industry faces the most significant changes in its history. Electrification and digitalization are the new challenges. The latter major trend will lead to new driver assistance systems, partially and fully automated vehicles and connected mobility systems bringing unprecedented comfort and safety to the users of vehicles.

New technologies extend classical automotive engineering with new sensors, information and software technologies. The Austrian automotive supply industry represents a significant share of the Austrian gross national product. It is important to stimulate this transformation towards automated vehicles in the Austrian industry and research arena.

The value of automotive parts and components exported from Austria is higher than the accumulated value of imported vehicles. The automotive sector accounts for about 14% of all researchers in the industrial sector, which is the the highest share of researchers in the Austrian industry.

It is therefore important to initiate strategic support of the necessary research and development activities in order to secure Austria's competitiveness in this field. The experts within the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology from the mobility sector and the ICT sector initiated the creation of this Austrian RDI roadmap for the development of components, parts, services, infrastructure, pilots and test areas for automated vehicles.

ECSEL Austria is coordinating this activity.