Interconnection of models and data

Interconnection of models and data: basis for development of future complex systems

Reliable simulation tools and corresponding computing models are crucial requirements in developing present-day products and those of the future. They have to be deployed on a specific, objective basis, taking account of market requirements, functionalities, costing and development times. In the process, requirements are becoming ever-increasingly complicated. This is because a single system needs to integrate not just one component type but a diversity of types.

In this context, computing cycles may run consecutively or in parallel with data transfer while computing continues. And – in the developments currently ongoing – recourse is had to data which originates not only from previously established results of simulation but also from experimental results. It's mainly simulation tools that will be used for the purpose. They do present the disadvantage that they offer only functions that can be used in isolation for data connections; it's rare to find that data can be transferred in parallel computing.

This is a topic which has been broached at European level in the ARTEMIS and ECSEL projects. In the process, the foundation stones for interconnections and for the specification of interfaces were created. And criteria for standardisation have arisen as the result. AVL has involved itself – not only as a partner but also as a coordinator – in projects such as CESAR, CRYSTAL and MBAT. The findings gained from these projects have been applied by many partners at the level of in-house computing processes.

Integrated and Open Development Platform

Integrated and Open Development Platform

AVL has developed its own "Integrated and Open Development Platform" (IODP). The abovementioned products emerged as a source of results that provided the basis for the platform. AVL has launched a product branded as "Model Connect" onto the market; this product makes it possible to run model calculations in combination with reliable data and information exchange. The process is not dependent exclusively on AVL compute modules; external modules can be straightforwardly integrated into a simulation system. Data Connect is a further step in that direction which is being developed by AVL.
Furthermore, these results have been used in AVL's engineering service in the field of functional safety activities.

Fresh market penetration potential has been gained by AVL's simulation tools, thanks to the results achieved. And this has also been reflected in enhanced turnover. Some clients are already using these products. This is a field in which AVL is employing more than 40 experts in a range of different teams.

Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership

From 2014 onwards, Austria went on-board with European venture "ECSEL" (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership). The venture's lifetime is to run from 2014 to 2024, with participation opportunities expected for the 2014-2020 period.
BMVIT (Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation & Technology) is financing projects with an industrial dimension with a view to strengthening Europe's competitiveness. This drive is supported by member states.

AVL is a member of ECSEL-Austria. This is an abbreviation which stands for "Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership - Austria". The Association is an industry-run, national research, development & innovation platform for microelectronics and nanoelectronics, embedded systems and systems integration.