AALuis - Ambient Assisted Living user interfaces

In the European Active and Assisted Living (AAL)-project AALuis applications and user interfaces can be flexibly combined and adapted to the needs of end users.

Short Description

Older adults are a very heterogeneous group comprising a broad range of different cognitive and motor abilities and limitations. However, technical solutions often do not address this diversity and do not consider changing needs and preferences (i.e. one-size-fits-all approach). This may be one of the reasons many valuable AAL services do not reach enough end users.

AALuis offers a practical solution for flexible self-adaptation of user interfaces to meet the (changing) needs and wishes of older adults. This is also reflected in its innovative services, ranging from comfort to care, and the wide range of devices supported. Moreover, users are free to choose the interaction device (e.g. TV, smartphone) which best suits their specific needs.

Respect Starts with Listening

End users and their needs and wishes were put at the centre of the project from the beginning. The AALuis project team applied very popular user-centred design methods (i.e., personas, cultural probes, video analysis and diaries) for the continuous involvement of end users and associated care organisations.

Several rounds of lab and field trials were executed under real-life conditions. Both end user organisations (50plus GmbH and Hilfswerk Österreich) played an invaluable role in this process. In total, 116 primary end users (44 male, 72 female) were involved.

Unique Value

For the end users, AALuis provides maximal freedom of choice regarding device selection, the look and feel and the use of innovative technologies. This facilitates inclusiveness regarding disabled, vulnerable or at-risk profiles for sensory incapacities.

Service and user interface developers benefit from the separation of concerns, i.e. a strict separation of content and representation. Thus, they can focus on what they do best and develop innovative services or suitable user interfaces.

Furthermore, the AALuis solution offers service providers the chance to combine services and user interfaces flexibly, addressing both user needs and market demands. Thus, AALuis strives to close the gap between great AAL innovations and the end users being part of an ageing population, who may benefit from innovative services and scalable innovations.

Project Partners

Consortium Manager

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Further Project Partners

  • CURE – Center for Usability
  • Research & Engineering
  • 50plus GmbH
  • Hilfswerk Österreich
  • ProSyst Software GmbH
  • TP Vision Netherlands B. V.
  • Verklizan B. V.
  • weTouch e. U.
  • zoobe message entertainment GmbH

Participating Countries

Austria, Germany, the Netherlands

Contact Address

Project Coordinator

DI Dr Christopher Mayer
E-mail: christopher.mayer@ait.ac.at