ActiveAdvice - Decision Support for Independent Living

The project ActiveAdvice develops an advice and decision support network across Europe using an intelligent Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)-Product & Service Cloud.

Short Description

The ActiveAdvice project aims to improve public awareness, knowledge and understanding of AAL products and services and to increase the uptake of these products and services.

Thus, it addresses and brings together information and support for three target groups:

  • consumer, i.e. older adults and their relatives;
  • businesses, i.e. companies and ganisations which supply innovative products and services but have difficulty in reaching specific users;
  • government and public sector organisations delivering services for older adults.

Recommendations of Products for Independent Living

ActiveAdvice will offer a new service to bring together people from these different target groups, and help them make the right decisions about assisted living products and services. For example, a daughter looking for a telecare service for her elderly mother will be able to see services available from both commercial operators and public authorities, and look at reviews from other users of the service.

The ActiveAdvice project aims to create an advice and decision support network across Europe by

  • providing a broad and intuitive over view of AAL suppliers, services and technologies, offered at regional, national and international level, and
  • supporting informed decision-making

This information will be accessible via apps, websites and portals.

Quality Management through Feedback, Testing and Accreditation

Each target group’s own specific needs, such as supporting people to be happier and more comfortable in their own homes, are met by tailoring three service models. These needs are identified by consulting stakeholders in each of the target groups, e.g. by conducting interviews.

Iterative user feedback, usability testing and accreditation for human advisors across all consortium countries ensure the quality of the ActiveAdvice environment.

Additionally, this will be combined with a network of Authorised Active Advisors holding a certificate to show their network membership and professional user access to the intelligent AAL Product & Service Cloud. Active Advisors will be drawn from various business sectors related to AAL.

Project Partners

Consortium Manager


Further Project Partners

  • City of Alkmaar
  • Cybermoor Ltd
  • Smart Homes
  • University of Porto, CINTESIS – Center for
  • Health Technology and Services Research
  • Yellow Window NV
  • ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Participating Countries

Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Contact Address

Project Coordinator

Dr Peter Leitner