FEARLESS - Fearless through Everyday Life

The European AAL project FEARLESS developed 3-D visual computing algorithms which automatically detect falls and enable ageing without fear.

Short Description

The FEARLESS Life Comfort System provides peace of mind for the elderly and their formal and informal caregivers. The novel system was developed by CogVis in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology’s Computer Vision Lab and other project partners.

Unlike existing products, it is able to detect falls fully automatically, triggers alarms and thus enables rapid response. Falls are the leading cause of injuries in older people, with 25 million people affected in the EU and US alone, who may be potential end users of the FEARLESS system.

Analysis of Surroundings and Movement

Setting up the FEARLESS system is intuitive and easy and there is no need for the user to actively interact with a sensor. It monitors the surroundings nonstop, differentiating between objects and people and their movements, without influencing the user’s daily routines. This is achieved by the use of 3-D sensors in combination with 3-D computer vision algorithms, based on latest machine learning technologies.

This novel solution thus offers a significant advantage over other products that need to be carried, or even operated and serviced, by the user. It does not require the person to wear any kind of device (e.g. “panic button”). Furthermore, unlike the sensor mat approach, the FEARLESS system is more flexible and not limited to a certain area.

Reaction to Unusual Behaviour

The FEARLESS system is able to detect falls and can give early indication to caregivers or medical personnel. It also recognises unusual changes in behaviour: information on behaviour changes such as restlessness during the night or decreased mobility can provide valuable information for relatives, caregivers or medical personnel and enable them to react immediately.

The FEARLESS system has already been installed in a number of nursing homes in Austria and abroad. It has successfully detected falls during multiple incidents and significantly reduced the reaction time of first responders. Besides providing a feeling of safety to seniors and their caregivers and loved ones, FEARLESS also supports an active and unburdened lifestyle and even leads to a less disturbed night’s rest.

Current Developments

The CogVis team is already working on a new version of FEARLESS. In the future, this technology will be available for mobile use in autonomous robots. Over the past three years CogVis has collaborated with Toyota, the first customer to use the FEARLESS system on their Human Support Robot.

Project Partners

Consortium Manager

CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH

Further Project Partners

  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der
  • angewandten Forschung e. V.
  • Fundació i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a
  • Catalunya
  • Infokom GmbH
  • Linkcare Health Services S. L.
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • Samariterbund Wien
  • TeSAN S. p. A.
  • University of Bamberg
  • Vienna University of Technology

Participating Countries

Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain

Contact Address

Project Coordinator

DI Michael Brandstötter, MSc
E-mail: michael.brandstoetter@cogvis.at