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3D-EarScan – Vision based 3D scanning and reconstruction of the human ear canal

Contactless Ear Canal Measurement. Measuring the ear canal is the first step in all audiological applications. A new, non-contact, optical 3D measuring system is set to revolutionise this process.


AttentiveMachines – Man and Machines in ICT based Production Systems of the Future

Sensitive Machines cooperate with Plant Personnel. Attention-aware Machines adapt to the human’s performance and constitute the production systems of the future.


Dermtrainer – A novel decision support system for training and diagnosis in dermatology

Sharpening Diagnostic Skills. In many areas of the world dermatologists are not the primary medical contact for patients with skin diseases. A medical decision support system can assist non-specialized physicians in diagnosing dermatologic conditions and can serve as a training platform.


NexGenRWP - Simple and Versatile: the new Robotic Co-Worker

This new generation of robots assists with assembly and inspection, carrying out new tasks with ease.