Siam - Self-learning Software for Mechanical Engineering

Self-learning software aims to shorten the manufacturing time on mechanical engineering and creates cost advantages for customers.

Short Description

The project for developing a software called SIAM (Seamless Interoperability of Assistive Modules in the Digital Factory) is conducted by Anger Machining GmbH, together with the University of Applied Sciences Wels and the research institutes Profactor & RISC. The software will eventually be integrated into ANGERs IT landscape and will support every process step in mechanical engineering, starting with the engineering up to the assembly and the calibration process.

Engineering: The software supports the mechanical engineer by specifying how accurately / precisely the machine has to be designed for the specific workpiece. For this, information from the workpiece drawing, machine accuracies and data from the machine capability study of past projects are analyzed. The machine will be designed only as accurately as necessary, thus production costs can be lowered already during the engineering phase.

Assembly: During the machine assembly the software records, for example, all work steps via a camera. Also, the assembler can use the software to add installation instructions. With this kind of documentation future assemblers will gain valuable knowledge from their predecessors. Data glasses or tablet PCs could further speed up the installation process in the future.

Machine setup: For calibration the software uses a kinematic model of the machine. The commissioning engineer will receive instructions where to do fine adjustments (in the NC program or directly on the spindle). Thus, efficiency will be increased and setup lead time will be shortened.

A fundamental difference to other assistance models is the fact that it does not involve passive tools, but it provides certain intelligence. Through this – continuously learning - information tool the process complexity will be reduced and the manageability of this elaborate technology will be made controllable.