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ADEQUATe – Analytics & Data Enrichment to improve the Quality of Open Data

Improved Data create Added Value. Innovative approaches for increasing the quality of open data.


OpenNES - Open and Interoperable ICT Solution for Integration of ReNewablES

Smart Grids become sustainable. Integrating the growing amount of renewable energy into the electrical grid requires an open and interoperable solution like OpenNES.


PLAN-E - Integrating electric energy demand of machine tool processes as resource for production planning software

Energy as an Important Production Factor. Consideration of energy demand and energy costs in the planning phase of production enables optimized resource and cost management.


REFlex - RFID Real-Time Localization for Flexible Production Environments

Localization of UHF RFID-Tags. With billions of deployed units, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags dominate the item identification market. A novel method now allows determining the position of these low priced tags as well.


SCALAS - High Security for the Smallest

Millions of tiny microchips are used in door openers, ticketing and payment systems. A new approach allows to significantly increase the security of these chips, without substantially changing the cost of manufacturing.


Siam - Self-learning Software for Mechanical Engineering

Self-learning software aims to shorten the manufacturing time on mechanical engineering and creates cost advantages for customers.