To dominate complex ICT Solutions

ICT systems can be found not only in everyday life in mobile phones, entertainment equipment or in the office, they increasingly control our infrastructure, support the drivers of motor vehicles, monitor energy networks and control aircraft.

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Dr. Wolfgang Pree, DI Christian Wögerer, Erich Prem, Sascha Ruhland
Publisher: BMVIT
German, 66 pages

Content Description

The increasing complexity of these systems creates technical and fundamental problems for ICT that have direct economic and social impacts. Against this background, the present roadmap provides the actors of the Austrian RTI policy with a foundation for RTI policymaking in the specific field of complex ICT systems.

The report at hand is structured into 5 main chapters:

  • Chapters 2 and 3 describe on the one hand the field of complex systems and applications already in development and available to the market by Austrian companies on the other.
  • Chapter 4 analyses the background for the roadmap itself by discussing the specific Austrian context of complex systems, i.e. analyzing the importance of crucial, research intensive economic sectors, existing ICT-related value chains and through the identification and description of especially relevant groups of researchers.
  • In chapter 5, the study describes the complex systems roadmap and its main components and milestones
  • Building on the roadmap, chapter 6 discusses recommendations on both the strategic and operational level whose implementation are considered vital for the optimization of companies engaged in the field of complex systems.