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AttentiveMachines – Man and Machines in ICT based Production Systems of the Future

Sensitive Machines cooperate with Plant Personnel. Attention-aware Machines adapt to the human’s performance and constitute the production systems of the future.


Dominate complex ict solutions

ICT systems can be found not only in everyday life in mobile phones, entertainment equipment or in the office, they increasingly control our infrastructure, support the drivers of motor vehicles, monitor energy networks and control aircraft. The increasing complexity of these systems creates technical and fundamental problems for ICT that have direct economic and social impacts.


IoT4CPS - Trustworthy IoT for CPS

The focus of IoT4CPS will be on developing, producing and operating, highly trustable components and applications for Connected and Automated Driving.


OpenNES - Open and Interoperable ICT Solution for Integration of ReNewablES

Smart Grids become sustainable. Integrating the growing amount of renewable energy into the electrical grid requires an open and interoperable solution like OpenNES.


Shape - Safety-critical Human- and dAta-centric Process management in Engineering projects

Efficient Safety Planning. Planning safety-critical infrastructure error-free is a complex challenge. A new tool makes this possible - tested in the railway domain.


TASTE - Traffic Assistant Simulation and Testing Environment

Simulated vehicles improve real traffic’s safety.