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VALID - Visual Analytics in Data-driven Journalism

Mastering the Information Overload. Processing complex data is essential for quality in data-driven journalism. This research project combines data and visual analytics, with a focus on journalistic needs.

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WAALTeR ­ - Integrated System Solution with Added Value

The project WAALTeR (Wiener AAL TestRegion) combines existing prototypes and solutions to build an integrated AAL system solution which is tested and evaluated in 83 households in Vienna.

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WEST-AAL - Individual Bundled Solutions for the Elderly

The project WEST-AAL (AAL Test Region Western Austria) tests individual bundled solutions for elderly people living in different housing and care situations in Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

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Wellbeing - Health at Work 4.0

The European AAL project wellbeing tackles the issue of health in the workplace: the online platform gives feedback on unhealthy behaviour and provides nutrition advice and stress management.

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ZentrAAL - Living Independently in Your Own Home

How can apartments be improved such that older people have the possibility to live more independently and stay as long as possible in their own homes? The ZentrAAL project - Salzburg Test Region for AAL Technologies aims to test innovative technologies.

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iToilet - An Automatic Toilet to Support Active Living

A computer-based toilet system which allows independent living with more dignity and reduces care requirements.

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moduLAAr - Austria’s First Test Region

The moduLAAr project is Austria’s first test region and demonstrates the positive effect of AAL technology on the quality of life of elderly people. Tests were carried out in fifty flats in Burgenland.

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senTOUR - Easy Access to the National Park

The senTOUR project offers a tourist service adapted to the needs of elderly people. They can explore the Gesäuse National Park using a web-based information portal and a mobile app.