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GreisslerPLUS - Local Supply in Rural Areas

Local provision of convenience goods in rural areas is a challenge, especially for elderly and less mobile people. The collaboratively developed ICT platform GreisslerPLUS offers solutions.


IBROC – 3D Image-Based Rendering of Clothes from Photographs

The Virtual Dressing Room. IBROC merges the real and the virtual world. For the first time it is possible to simulate the correct fit of clothes when shopping online. An important step – not only for fashion marketing.

iLIDS4SAM - Integrated LiDAR Sensors for Safe&Smart Automated Mobility

The iLIDS4SAM project built on sensor systems that provide autonomous vehicles on the road or rail with a three-dimensional image of the environment and predictively detect hazards.


IMP – Intelligent Maintance Planner & Inspection Knowledge Based Maintenance Managment Systems

Intelligent Maintenance saves Costs. Efficient planning and running of industrial maintenance saves costs and conserves resources. The required information normally already exists. It just needs to be used.


IoT4CPS - Trustworthy IoT for CPS

The focus of IoT4CPS will be on developing, producing and operating, highly trustable components and applications for Connected and Automated Driving.

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iToilet - An Automatic Toilet to Support Active Living

A computer-based toilet system which allows independent living with more dignity and reduces care requirements.


MEMSEC - Embedded Memory Security Unit for Automotive Test Systems

Securing Memory in Manufacturing Systems. Valuable production data is often not adequately protected. An intelligent firmware protection mechanism is developed to prevent manipulations.

AAL und benefit

moduLAAr - Austria’s First Test Region

The moduLAAr project is Austria’s first test region and demonstrates the positive effect of AAL technology on the quality of life of elderly people. Tests were carried out in fifty flats in Burgenland.


MVControl - Generating process feedback from heterogeneous data sources in quality control

Machines learn from Production Data. Quality control is a crucial factor in multi-stage production processes. Adaptive data analysis recognizes problems and provides a competitive advantage.


NexGenRWP - Simple and Versatile: the new Robotic Co-Worker

This new generation of robots assists with assembly and inspection, carrying out new tasks with ease.


OpenNES - Open and Interoperable ICT Solution for Integration of ReNewablES

Smart Grids become sustainable. Integrating the growing amount of renewable energy into the electrical grid requires an open and interoperable solution like OpenNES.


PLAN-E - Integrating electric energy demand of machine tool processes as resource for production planning software

Energy as an Important Production Factor. Consideration of energy demand and energy costs in the planning phase of production enables optimized resource and cost management.


PROSAM - Anticipate Faults before they occur

Knowledge and data-based approaches improve fault prognosis models to enable the development of anticipative maintenance strategies, thereby optimizing operational availability and resource efficiency of manufacturing processes.


REFlex - RFID Real-Time Localization for Flexible Production Environments

Localization of UHF RFID-Tags. With billions of deployed units, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags dominate the item identification market. A novel method now allows determining the position of these low priced tags as well.

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RegionAAL - Effective Solutions for Remaining Living at Home

The project implements integrated Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)-solutions in one hundred test households in Styria, mostly in urban regions, and evaluates their effectiveness scientifically.

AAL und benefit

RelaxedCare - Increased Wellbeing through Innovative Interaction

The project RelaxedCare developed a solution which not only increases the wellbeing of elderly people, but also reduces the burden and stress on relatives.


SCALAS - High Security for the Smallest

Millions of tiny microchips are used in door openers, ticketing and payment systems. A new approach allows to significantly increase the security of these chips, without substantially changing the cost of manufacturing.


SemI40 - Industry 4.0 for Smart Production

Electronic components and systems are key drivers for economic growth in Europe. The European ECSEL (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership) project SemI40 explores smart production processes involving 37 partners from 5 countries.

AAL und benefit

senTOUR - Easy Access to the National Park

The senTOUR project offers a tourist service adapted to the needs of elderly people. They can explore the Gesäuse National Park using a web-based information portal and a mobile app.